Planned Maintenance

Get the most out of your equipment. These plans have been created to help you prolong the life of your machine, maintain a higher resale value and to keep compliance with OSHA safety regulations. Here are just a few reasons signing up for planned maintenance can save you money. 

  • Reduce downtime & minimize costly repairs when you find issues early on.
  • Keep your employees safe and lower the chance of expensive workplace accidents with routine inspections.
  • Get a greater trade in or resell value when you replace your equipment.
  • Pay one flat rate for labor instead of by the hour.

30 Point Inspection

  1. Check for operation
  2. Visual inspection
  3. Horn
  4. Lights
  5. Check hydraulic system
  6. Check all switches
  7. Check forward & reverse lever
  8. Check/test brake & parking brake (adjust if needed)
  9. Check cylinder
  10. Check for leaks
  1. Check & top off all fluids
  2. Check steering
  3. Check all wheels
  4. Check & lubricate mast, chain & grease fittings
  5. Check radiator & reservoir
  6. Check transmission & operation
  7. Blowout radiator core & clean machine with compressed air
  8. Check spark plug, wire cap & rotor
  9. Check & adjust carburetor and governor (if needed)
  1. Check & adjust timing (if needed)
  2. Check LP system
  3. Check or replace air filter
  4. Check or replace motor oil & filter
  5. Check SCR system operation
  6. Check & inspect battery, water level
  7. Check battery cables & connectors
  8. Check & inspect contactors
  9. Check & inspect all electric motor brushes (when accessible)
  10. Check charging system (built-in)
  11. Check fork wear

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