Vertical cardboard baler

Increase your recycling efficiency and boost your bottom line.

With so many different vertical cardboard balers on the market today, selecting the one that will reduce your volume of cardboard, while still improving your bottom line, can be a daunting task. Harmony Enterprises invites you to look no further: Our M60CB Vertical Cardboard Baler is the gold standard in the cardboard recycling industry.

The M60CB cardboard baler is safe to operate and easy to install, while meeting current OSHA & ANSI safety standards. Its compact design makes it ideal for multiple applications. The wide 60” x 24” opening allows cardboard to be loaded directly without breaking it down.

Made of the highest quality construction & design, the M60CB vertical cardboard baler incorporates the latest technology, utilizing off the shelf components such as Allen Bradley, Parker Hydraulic valves, and Rosenboom hydraulic cylinders. This leads to reduced maintenance costs and outstanding reliability in the life of the baler.

It's short cycle time allows for efficient, mill-sized bales to be made every time. Unlike our competitors, the strap eject system and front-side ejection provides a safe and convenient way to extract the bales from this cardboard recycling machine.

The M60CB vertical cardboard baler is affordable and built to last. The life expectancy of this quality baler far outlasts that of other balers on the market. Harmony makes it easy for you to acquire this efficient cardboard baler machine with both purchasing and financing options that are tailored to your budget.


Reduces cardboard disposal costs
Easy to Operate
Fast 45 second cycle time reduces your work time
Heavy-duty 6" cylinder with 3.5" rod for extra long life
Formidable 56,550 pounds of ram force
30" x 60" x up to 51" bale size