5 Reason Why Planned Maintenance Makes Sense

There are many reasons for keeping your Lift Truck and Docks serviced regularly. We've listed just 5 reasons why a Planned Maintenance plan with Kaweah Equipment is beneficial:

The 5 Reasons

  1. Reduced repair costs and downtime when problems are identified early on.
  2. Decreased change of expensive workplace accidents and injuries. PM plans can help keep your operators safe with regular inspections.
  3. Better Trade-In Value when it comes time to replace your equipment.
  4. Huge savings on labor costs. Hourly labor can get costly fast. Flat rated PM plans save you money.
  5. No travel charges! Most companies will charge not just for labor but for travel as well. Kaweah Equipment Co doesn't charge for travel when completing PM services, saving you lots of dollars.

Bonus Reasons

In addition to the 5 reasons listed above. Those that sign up their fleets receive additional benefits. Must sign up 8 or more units for fleet pricing. 

  1. Even bigger discount on labor for signing up multiple units. Inquire below for pricing.
  2. 15% Discount on Rental Forklifts, Excavators & Skid Steers
  3. Safety Training per employee $55 per person (regularly $75, min class of 5)