Does my forklift really need a 1000 hour service?

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One thing we hear from time-to-time, "do I really need a 1,000 hour service on my forklift?" While that is an understandable question. The equipment may not appear to have anything wrong with it and taking the unit offline might seem counterproductive and costly.

There are many reasons the manufacturer's will recommend preventive maintenance, one of the most important is OSHA's requirements. Some other points are to ensure the lift is operating in safe conditions and to increase the up-time of your lift. Preventive maintenance can also extend the life of your forklift


OSHA Maintenance Requirement

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requires a preventative maintenance program that ensures equipment is safe for employees. The OSHA standard states that all material handling equipment should be regularly inspected and maintained.


What's Included

Pre-Season Service

  • Perform 200 point inspection
  • Complete brake inspection
  • Clean and inspect for debris
  • Ignition & electrical inspection
  • Battery cleaning & inspection
  • All fluids changed
  • Attachment inspection
  • Cooling system inspection
  • Fuel Safety Inspection
  • Compression Test
  • Written condition report for OSHA

What you give to your lift is what you get out of it. Managers who keep the manufacturer's recommended service guidelines will have lifts that perform well for years and will keep the trade-in value high as well. Neglecting and cutting corners with maintenance leads to breakdowns and costly repairs.

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